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Evangelion Movies - At the recent Wizard World Convention in America Manga Entertainment gave a brief update on the forthcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion movies. Both Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion will be presented in a 2 disc set, the English Dub is now complete while the subtitles are currently being correctly timed. Most of the 'Red Cross Book' (anyone care to enlighten us at to what this is in the comments area?) will be included, but not all of it could be obtained due to licensing issues, other extras are also being produced. Update A Manga spokesman has said that this release will NOT use Overlays, and look out for the DVD release in March 2002.
Jin Roh French R2 - We now have some more solid information regarding this release. Due out on the 29th November 2001 this 3 Disc set will contain an anamorphic print, DTS versions of both the Japanese and French soundtracks, but is only scheduled to contain French subtitles that may possibly be forced when the Japanese soundtrack is selected (doing my best using Babelfish). Extras for the DVD have not been finalised but the set will include a separate soundtrack CD, interviews, work in progress featurettes and a Digipack case.
Castle of Cagliostro R4 - In my last report I mentioned my disappointment with this R4 release due to the lack of an anamorphic print. Well, Madman have offered an alternative for widescreen owners by including two sets of subtitles on this release! Those using a Widescreen TV can manually select Subtitle track 2 to reposition the subtitles so that they appear within the films picture (not in the borders) therefore allowing you to use the Zoom feature of your widescreen set without losing half of the subtitles.
Thanks to Anime On DVD and for the information.

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