Michael B. Jordan in a J.J. Abrams directed Superman film? Warner Bros. plan ahead

A new report discusses what the studio have lined up over the next few years

The huge success of the Joker film is yet another in a growing list of comic book-based smashes enjoyed by Warner Bros., following the likes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman hitting over a billion at the box office. Wonder Woman 1984 is set to arrive next year, as is the Harley Quinn film, with the new Suicide Squad and The Batman films to come in 2021, meaning the studio has a lot to be optimistic about.

It has been rumoured that J.J. Abrams might be tempted to work with Warner Bros. on a new Superman film and according to a new report from Variety‘s Brent Lang and Justin Kroll, they flesh out the details a little more, along with some further information on the future of DC comic book films.

According to the report, Birds of Prey is set to get a similar adult rating to Joker, while it is predicted that James Gunn’s Suicide Squad will also be the same.

And while Henry Cavill was recently quoted by Men’s Health magazine as saying he felt there was still “a lot of storytelling to do,” with regards to him continuing as Superman, Warner Bros. may have other ideas. The Variety article reports that Michael B. Jordan has already held meetings with Warner Bros. and could be the main contender for the role.

It is predicted that a new Superman film would not arrive in cinemas before 2023, which is why Jordan was reluctant to commit given his current busy schedule. However, the idea isn’t dead in the water yet and could still come to pass.

Variety also report that J.J. Abrams has had discussions with Warner Bros., whose Bad Robot company have signed a huge first-look deal with the studio. There will no doubt be more news to come on this, but the idea of a Abrams-helmed Superman film would get the fanbase pretty excited. Although the director did address this the other day and say that discussions about directing the film were still to be had.

Other news includes an update on the Green Lantern Corps. film, with a script reportedly being worked on by Geoff Johns that could be ready by the end of the year. No solid news is offered on who might be attached to direct.

In terms of the Flash film, delays to the production of Fantastic Beasts 3 means that Ezra Miller won’t be able to start work until 2021 at the earliest. So, whether or not it still happens is anyone’s guess at this point, although Warner Bros. are still reportedly enthusiastic about the idea.

Steven Sheehan

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

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