MGM's sparse January line-up

MGM have announced one lonely title for release in January 2002 - Stargate SG1: Volume 19. Due on 28 January, this disc again continues the trend of the other season four releases with a anamorphic transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and a selection of extras including:

  • Audio commentaries by the directors and other key crew members
  • Two documentaries making up a celebratory look at what's to come in season five, including the 100th episode
  • Behind-the-scenes video diaries
  • Documentaries
These discs really do show how to present a TV series on DVD - the Stargate releases are quickly becoming the benchmark to judge other similar releases if only the price point could be dropped to a more reasonable level. £19.99 is a little much to shell out for each disc although I do conceed that the content does almost justify this cost.

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