MGM's June line-up...

MGM have announced a very sparse line-up for June - in fact we get just two titles - Rollerball and the next Stargate SG-1 release featuring the show's 100th episode...

Rollerball stars James Caan and is set in a futuristic world ruled by coporations and bloody sport. This special edition DVD will feature quite an impressive array of extra material including:

  • 'Return to the Arena - The Making of Rollerball Documentary'
  • 'From Rome to Rollerball: The Full Circle' feature
  • Audio commentary by director Norman Jewison
  • Audio Commentary by writer William Harrison
  • Original theatrical trailers
  • Rollerball 2002 trailer
  • TV spots
  • Production Design stills gallery
  • Production Photographs stills gallery
  • Exclusive 8 page booklet
Stargate SG-1: Volume 22 will feature the show's 100th episode Wormhole X-Treme - a tongue-in-cheek episode which see's the SG-1 team discovering the Stargate is the focus of a fictional TV series. The disc will also feature three other episodes - Between Two Fires, 2001 and Desperate Measures - along with a revealing video diary by Christoper Judge and commentaries for all four episodes.

Both discs will be released on 24 June retailing at £19.99.

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