MGM Statement on problem DVDs

MGM have released the following statement relating the problems some people have had with The Terminator and Silence of the Lambs:

It has come to our attention that a small number of consumers are having playback problems with some copies of the Terminator and Silence of the Lambs Special Edition DVDs.

Our investigations have concluded that any playback problems on these titles may be due to an incompatibility etween certain ink combinations used on the disc labels and storage conditions during the production process. These conditions may have effected a limited batch of discs at time of release and these conditions have not since been replicated.

We do not believe this is a case of "DVD Rot" as this is associated with discs where the reflective layer has deteriorated rendering the disc unplayable. No products returned to MGM show any deterioration of the reflective layer.

What is of primary concern is customer satisfaction and as such would ask any consumer suffering these playback problems for either Terminator or Silence of The Lambs Special Editions to call a free phone line, where they will be advised as to how to receive a replacement copy at no cost.

This free phone line is currently being set up and we will advise you of the number in the very near future.

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