Matthew McConaughey’s The Beach Bum to get a UK release

Director Harmony Korine’s stoner comedy finally secures a UK release date

In what many believe to be the role Matthew McConaughey has been destined to play all his life, The Beach Bum will finally be making its way over to the UK to play at select cinemas towards the end of October, before arriving on digital download less than a week later.

Harmony Korine’s laid-back, unwieldy film follows the outrageous misadventures of Moondog (McConaughey), a rebellious weed-smoking, beer-chugging burnout who lives life by his own rules in the Sunshine State. If Moondog can put down the bong and brews for one minute, he might just be able to put his poetic talent to good use and write the next great American novel. But with a rag-tag bunch of friends including R&B singer Lingerie and pyromaniac ex-addict Flicker plus some wild, neon-soaked parties, perhaps Moondog is doomed to a life of slumming it on the sandy beaches of Florida.

Complete with a great supporting cast including Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence, Jonah Hill and music legend Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Bum spends two hours seeing life from the uniquely stoned perspective of Moondog.

The Beach Bum opens in select UK cinemas on October 25 before landing on digital download on October 30.

Steven Sheehan

Updated: Sep 03, 2019

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