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Masters of Horror Series 2 Volume 1 (R2) in October

Starz Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Masters of Horror Series 2 Volume 1 on 8th October 2007 priced at £24.99. The second season of horror shorts made for TV by the creative talents responsible for some of the most spine-chilling and seminal horror films ever made comes to UK DVD this October.

The seven-disc box set Masters of Horror Series 2 Volume 1 features the first seven titles in the 13-episode season, each one a brand new, hour-long exercise in fear from directors Dario Argento (Suspiria), John Carpenter (Halloween), John Landis (An American Werewolf In London), Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn), Joe Dante (The Howling), Stuart Gordon (Re-animator) and the series' creator and executive producer, Mick Garris (The Stand), with stars including Meat Loaf (Fight Club), John Saxon (From Dusk Till Dawn), Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Matt Keeslar (Scream 3), George Wendt (House), Martin Donovan (The Dead Zone), Jason Priestley (Tru Calling), Elliot Gould (Ocean's Thirteen), Jeffrey Combs (Re-animator), Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) and Tony Todd (Candyman).

Dario Argento's bizarre Pelts concerns a sleazy furrier, a lesbian stripper and a trapper who all become cursed to commit bloody suicide for the killing of a sacred species of raccoons, while in John Landis' Family a young married couple move into a new home only to discover their neighbour is not what he first appears to be. The horrors of various medical issues are tackled in three of the films: Pro-Life, John Carpenter's homage to Rosemary's Baby, in which a teenage girl seeks an abortion after being raped by the Devil: Rob Schmidt's The Right To Die, the story of a family haunted by a vengeful spirit while debating the fate of woman left disfigured and close to death following a fiery car wreck; and in Joe Dante's The Screwfly Solution, in which two scientists struggle to find a cure for a virus that is overcoming the world's male population and causing them to attack women.

Directors Stuart Gordon and Mick Garris both take their inspiration from literary sources, with Gordon taking on Edgar Allen Poe's famous story The Black Cat, while Garris brings to the screen an adaptation of Clive Barker's Valerie On The Stairs, the tale of a young writer obsessed by visions of a beautiful woman who appears to him while he is working on his latest novel.

Each disc in the boxed set comes packed with a host of extra features, including audio commentaries, interviews with the directors and stars, "making of" featurettes, director biographies and much more.

Pelts (Dario Argento)

  • Audio commentary by Writer Matt Venne
  • All Sewn Up: Mastering the Effects Sequence
  • DVD-ROM: Director bio, screenplay, stills gallery, storyboard gallery, original storyboards

Pro-Life (John Carpenter)
  • Audio commentary featuring director John Carpenter and writers Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan
  • Demon Baby: Birthing the FX Sequence
  • Final Delivery: The Making of Pro-Life
  • DVD-ROM: Director bio, talent bio, photo and stills gallery, shooting script, storyboard gallery, original storyboards

Family (John Landis)
  • Audio commentary by writer Brent Hanley
  • Skin and Bones: The Making of Family Featurette
  • Terror Tracks: Mastering the Family Score
  • DVD-ROM: Director bio, screenplay, stills gallery, original storyboards

Right to Die (Rob Schmidt)
  • Audio commentary by Rob Schmidt
  • Burnt Offerings: Making of Right to Die
  • Flay-O-Trish
  • DVD-ROM: Photo gallery and script

The Screwfly Solution (Joe Dante)
  • Audio commentary by director Joe Dante and writer Sam Hamm
  • The Cinematic Solution
  • The Exterminators
  • DVD-ROM: Stills gallery and screenplay

The Black Cat (Stuart Gordon)
  • Audio commentary by director Stuart Gordon and star Jeffrey Combs
  • The Tell-Tale Cat
  • Bringing Down The Axe
  • DVD-ROM: Photo gallery and script

Valerie on the Stairs (Mick Garris)
  • Spine Tingler: The Making of
  • Valerie on the Stairs
  • Jump Scare: Editing Valerie
  • Audio commentary by writer-director Mick Garris
  • DVD-ROM: Photo gallery and script

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