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Man to Man with Dean Learner in September

Channel 4 DVD have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Man to Man with Dean Learner on 3rd September 2007 priced at £19.99 RRP. Broadcast last year on Channel 4, Man to Man with Dean Learner is a fictional talk show series from the minds behind Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace - Richard Ayoade and Matthew Holness. Both return under the guise of their characters from said show, with Ayoade taking the lead role as host Dean Learner while Holness (as Garth Marenghi) turns up as one of the six guests interviewed over the course of the series…

Recorded live at his luxury apartment in London’s glittering East End, Dean Learner: club owner, celebrity manager, restauranteur, entrepreneur and publisher of high-class gentlemen’s magazines (including Flesh Wrangler and Skin City), invites you to meet some of his closest friends, Man to Man.

Originally broadcast on Channel 4 in 2006, join Mr. Learner as he hosts a series of exclusive, in-depth discussions with six of the most monumental names in the world of The Arts and Entertainment; towering figures of the industry whom, entirely coincidentally, he also represents. Joining him are: world-renowned horror writer GARTH MARENGHI; former Formula Five World Motor Racing Champion STEVE PISING; GLYNN NIMRON, star of the long running sci-fi series Galacticops; legendary folk guitarist MERRIMAN WEIR; AMIR CHANAN, astounding master of the psychic arts; and RANDOLPH CAER, perhaps Britain’s most underrated character actor. All are men of substance and erudition; heroic pioneers within their chosen fields.

The series lovingly provides these living legends with a suitably respectful forum in which they are finally able to share with us their thoughts, dreams, and philosophies. In this regard the show can be placed in the tradition of the Socratic dialogues of The Symposium. With cocktails.

Man to Man with Dean Learner offers an oasis of culture and sophistication in the rancid scrubland of depravity that passes for modern television. As Dean himself says: “I see this show as a shimmering beacon of refinement and class. It’s my legacy. My The Hay Wain. My Bat Out of Hell.”

Spread over two DVDs, this release is simply packed with hours of premium grade extras, including: trailers for each episode and the series; 14 original music tracks from the show; unseen footage from Bitch Killer! starring RANDOLPH CAER; MERRIMAN WEIR performing Gallows Man live; an extended version of Pising in the Driving Seat; a deleted scene from the immortal GLYNN NIMRON sci-fi classic Bot; and more footage from the GARTH MARENGHI-scripted War of the Wasps. The full list of extras is detailed under each episode synopsis.

Dean’s VIP Guests:

Garth Marenghi
GARTH MARENGHI is Britain’s foremost writer of horror fiction. Famed for his many novels of terror and for his television horror classic Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, he has graciously accepted DEAN’S invitation to discuss his banned feature film War of the Wasps and his much-publicised hatred of the Dutch.


  • War of the Wasps with Stereo full music mix
  • War of the Wasps with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound mixi>War of the Wasps storyboards
  • Episode trailer

Steve Pising
STEVE PISING is known to his public as multiple former Formula Five Motor Racing World Champion. Hospitalised in the early ‘90s after a horrific accident, which ended his motor racing career and heat-sealed his reproductive organs, this show is STEVE’S first public appearance in over ten years.

  • Super-8 footage of Dean and Steve on racetrack
  • Extended Pising in the Driving Seat
  • Pising press conference
  • Additional footage from The Learner
  • Episode trailer

Glynn Nimron
GLYN NIMRON is a true legend in his field; in this case, episodic futuristic law enforcement television drama series of the mid 1970s. A pioneering half-Hawaiian actor most famous for his role as ‘Bot’ in the classic sci-fi series Galacticops, GLYNN will be celebrating the release of his 3000th film Space Bandits From Pluto and their Pirate Pals later this year (the release date for which is still unconfirmed, but the film carries an ‘R18’ certificate and will be released exclusively in UK specialist retail outlets).

  • Unseen footage of Glynn at the sci-fi convention
  • Deleted 'Bot' scene with audio commentary

Merriman Weir
MERRIMAN WEIR is a legendary folk guitarist famed for classic songs of melancholy and regret. This is WEIR’S first television appearance in a 30-year career and follows his much publicised bar-fight with JAMES BLUNT at this year’s Big Chill festival. Don’t miss this rare and classic acoustic set (this last instruction has also been forwarded to MERRIMAN).

  • Unseen clip from Gallows Man video
  • Gallows Man live
  • Pilot episode
  • Footage of Merriman backstage
  • Episode trailers

Amir Chanan
AMIR CHANAN is a self-confessed ‘Master of the Psychic Arts’. Rediscovered by a new generation of fans after his classic ‘Mind Fondle’ on Richard and Judy, AMIR talks to DEAN about conspiracy theories, comfort feeding, mind control for the under fives and his bath-time therapy for the dispossessed.

  • Clip from Deano’s ‘After Dark’ party
  • Extended version of Bathtime with Amir
  • Episode trailers

Randolph Caer
Finally, the underrated character actor RANDOLPH CAER grants his first television interview in 28 years following his traumatic ‘live’ mauling by TV’s LENNARD RITTER. Celebrated for his groundbreaking performances in films such as Nun Party! and That Duck! 2 (Duck on the Run), RANDOLPH appears exclusively on Man to Man for a birthday celebration special.

  • Bitch Killer! clip
  • Alternate Inside Face interview
  • Full Crab Ball meeting
  • Extended version of Bros Roads
  • Dean ‘Talking Crabs’
  • Episode trailer

Man to Man with Dean Learner will also be available as a double-pack with Garth Marenghi's Darkplace priced at £29.99 RRP.

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