Lost In Space Season 2 Part 2 in November

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Lost In Space Season 2 Part 2 for 30th November 2004 priced at $39.98. Containing the last 14 episodes (of 30) from the second season, this four disc set presents the series in Full Frame with English Mono audio and optional English and Spanish subtitles.

Some bonus features are also present in the form of original 1966 Lost In Space interviews, 17 stills from the Guy Williams and June Lockhart interview and 15 stills from the Jonathan Harris interview.

The episodes included are: The Questing Beast, The Toymaker, Mutiny in Space, The Space Vikings, Rocket to Earth, The Cave of the Wizards, Treasure of the Lost Planet, Revolt of the Androids, The Colonists, Trip Through the Robot, The Phantom Family, The Mechanical Men, The Astral Traveler, The Galaxy Gift.

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