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Lore in May

Artificial Eye have announced the DVD and Blu-ray release of Cate Shortland’s LORE for May 27th, 2013. From the press release:

May 1945: Stranded with her younger siblings after their Nazi parents are imprisoned during the dying days of WWII, the young Lore (a stunning breakthrough performance by Saskia Rosendahl) leads the remains of her family across war-torn Germany. Among the chaos of a defeated nation, Lore encounters Thomas, a young Jewish refugee who begins to follow and help them.

Lore finds her fragile reality shattered by feelings of both hatred and desire for Thomas, and as the consequences of her parent’s actions and beliefs slowly become apparent, she must begin to face the darkness within herself…

Extra features will include an interview with director Cate Shortland, the theatrical trailer and a ‘making of’ documentary.

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