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Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6 (R1) in October

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6 and Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume 6 on 21st October 2008. Aimed at collectors, the sixth volume of the Golden Collection showcases 60 classic animated shorts and hours of special features and will retail at $64.92 SRP. The companion Spotlight Collection is geared towards viewers of all ages, retailing at $26.99 SRP it primarily consists of shorts from Golden Collection Vol. 6 but it will also contain a few from Golden Collection Vol. 2.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume Six Disc Descriptions:

Disc one titled Looney Tunes All Stars, is comprised of 15 shorts that feature all the best-loved characters in the classic shorts including Hare Trigger, was directed by Friz Freleng. In My Little Duckaroo, which was directed by Chuck Jones, Daffy Duck sets out along side his companion Porky to capture the villain, Nasty Canasta in order to collect a $10,000 reward. Directed by Friz Freleng, Satan’s Waiting stars Tweety and Sylvester in a hilarious short that follows Sylvester as he encounters the end of each of his nine lives during several mishaps he experiences while chasing after Tweety. Other shorts featured on this disc include Birth of a Notion, Heaven Scent, Dog Gone South, A Ham in a Hole and several others.

Disc two titled Patriotic Pals, includes a collection of 15 shorts with war time and patriotic themes, including Herr Meets Hare, which was one of the last major wartime cartoons from Warner Bros. and features Bugs Bunny who accidentally winds up in Germany while trying to make his way to Las Vegas. In Daffy – the Commando, Daffy Duck stars as a commando who is dropped behind enemy lines and wreaks havoc on the German Commander, Von Vulture, who tries to capture him. The Ducktators satirizes various events of World War II. Other shorts on this disc include Russian Rhapsody, Bosko the Doughboy, Rookie Review, Wacky Blackout and many more.

Disc three titled Bosko, Buddy and Merrie Melodies features 15 rare treasures from the original Looney Tunes before they were known as Looney Tunes. Bosko was a recurring cartoon character who was the star of over three dozen Looney Tunes shorts. This disc features several of his shorts including Congo Jazz, Bosko’s Picture Show, Bosko in Person and others. Another character similar to Bosko is Buddy. In his shorts, Buddy was usually accompanied by his flapper girlfriend, Cookie and his dog Towser. Cartoons include Buddy’s Day Out, Buddy’s Circus and Buddy’s Beer Garden.

Disc four titled Most Requested Assorted Nuts, features 15 favourite shorts that defy any classification. They include such classics as Horton Hatches the Egg, which is based on the famous children’s book by Dr. Seuss and tells the story of Horton the Elephant, who is convinced by an irresponsible bird named Mayzie to sit on her egg until hatches. Now Hear This features the story of an elderly man who happens to find the devil’s left horn. Martian Through Georgia is the story of a sad and bored Martian who travels to Earth in search of happiness. Other shorts on this disc include Lights Fantastic, Fresh Airdale, Chow Hound, The Oily American, Rocket-Bye Baby, Goo Goo Goliath and many more.

Special Features

Disc 1:

  • Commentaries by filmmaker Greg Ford, historian Jerry Beck and animator Mark Kausler
  • Music-only audio tracks
  • Looney Tunes Television Specials:
    • Bugs Bunny In King Arthur’s Court
    • Daffy Duck’s Easter Egg-Citement
  • Four Bonus Shorts:
    • Boyhood Daze (with music-only audio track)
    • Hippety Hopper
    • Rabbit Rampage (with music-only audio track)
    • Sniffles Takes a Trip

Disc 2:
  • Commentaries by filmmaker Greg Ford, historian Jerry Beck and animator Mark Kausler
  • Music-only audio tracks
  • Fritz Freleng at MGM Shorts Gallery:
    • The Captain’s Christmas
    • A Day at the Beach
    • Mama’s New Hat
    • Poultry Pirates
    • Seal Skinners
  • Three Bonus Shorts:
  • Confusions of a Nutzy Spy
  • The Fighting 69½th
  • Hop and Go

Disc 3:
  • Commentaries by historian Jerry Beck
  • The World of Leon Schlessinger Featurette Gallery:
    • Introduction by Martha Sigall and Jerry Beck
    • Crying for the Carolines
    • Haunted Gold Title Sequence
    • Schlessinger Productions Christmas Party
  • Four Bonus Shorts:
    • How Do I know It’s Sunday
    • I Like Mountain Music
    • I love a Parade
    • Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence

Disc 4:
  • Commentaries by filmmaker Greg Ford, animator Mark Kausler
  • Music-only audio tracks
  • Documentary Profile Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices
  • Four Bonus Shorts:
    • Bartholomew Versus the Wheel
    • Punch Trunk (with music-and-effects-only audio track)
    • Sleepy Time Possum
    • Wild Wild World (with music-only audio track)

All shorts are restored and remastered, presented in their original formats with English Mono audio and English subtitles.

Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection Volume Six - This two-disc set features 30 shorts from Volume 2 and 6 of the Golden Collections. Shorts include Baby Buggy Bunny, My Favourite Duck, Friz Frelang’s Lights Fantastic and uncredited Tex Avery’s Page Miss Glory. An exact breakdown of the content has not been provided, but we do know the set includes 28 shorts from Golden Collection Vol. 6, with the remainder presumably from Vol. 2. The only extras are a further 8 bonus cartoons from the Warner vault. All content is once again restored and remastered, with shorts presented in their original formats with English Mono audio and English subtitles.

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