Lizzie trailer: Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart relive the Lizzie Borden story

On August 4th 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were brutally hacked to death with an axe in their own home. Their daughter, Lizzie, was eventually brought to trial and although the evidence pointed towards her being the guilty party, she was ultimately acquitted by the jury. It became a legendary murder case and even spawned its own dark nursery rhyme. No-one knows who or why the two murders were committed but Craig William Macneill's film attempts to shed some light on events. Watch the trailer for Lizzie above to get a first look.

After a lifetime of loneliness, Lizzie (Sevigny) finds a kindred spirit in housemaid Bridget Sullivan (Stewart) and their secret intimacy sparks an unthinkable act. Lizzie explores the days leading up to the savage crimes in a dark tale of repression, exploitation and thwarted dreams.

Craig William Macneill (The Boy) is directing with Jamey Sheridan, Fiona Shaw, Kim Dickens, Denis O’Hare and Jeff Perry all in the supporting cast.

Lizzie arrives in the UK on November 18th 2018.

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