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Little Deaths in August

Monster Pictures have announced the release of horror anthology LITTLE DEATHS, out on DVD and download from 12th August 2013. From the press release…

Three boundary-pushing tales of sex and death from acclaimed British horror directors Sean Hogan (The Devil’s Business), Andrew Parkinson (I, Zombie) and Simon Rumley (Red White and Blue, The Living and the Dead).

In House and Home, Sean Hogan’s opening segment, a ‘good Samaritan’ couple invite a pretty young homeless girl into their house for a meal and a bath. But when they reveal their perverted motive behind the charitable act, they soon discover that they are not the only ones with a dark hidden agenda for the night’s events.

Andrew Parkinson’s sci-fi horror segment Mutant Tool takes experimental drugs treatment to a whole new level. When a former prostitute visits a shady doctor and is given some tablets, she suffers headaches and nightmares. She soon learns that the unorthodox ‘treatment’ is preparing her for a sinister new role in a nightmare-ish medical experiment.

Simon Rumley’s Bitch completes the unholy trilogy. When a young woman’s kinky sex games and abusive character push her submissive boyfriend too far, she finds herself the victim of her worst fears – her phobia of dogs – and the sick revenge that her boyfriend has planned for her.

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