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Left Luggage in July

Arrow Films have announced the UK DVD release of Left Luggage for 3rd July 2006 priced at £15.99. Set in Belgium in the early 70s, the story follows the spiritual awakening of Chaja (Laura Fraser), the nonreligious 20-year-old daughter of Holocaust survivors. Her relationship with her parents is strained – her mother denies the past completely and her father (Maximillian Schell) spends all his time searching for two suitcases he buried in Antwerp during the war.

A family friend (Topol) finds her a job as a nanny within a Hassidic Jewish family. She has little knowledge and sympathy for their way of life, but through her love for the family’s five year old mute son, she learns to accept and respect a culture steeped in tradition, to at last find purpose in her life.

Presented in 4:3 Full Frame extras include cast biographies and a photo gallery.

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