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David Fincher’s Panic Room will be released on 17th of September. No extra features have been confirmed but the release is rumoured to be a 2-disc special edition, and will probably be something like the 2-disc sets of Seven and Fight Club. Expect commentaries by director and selected cast members.

No confirmed details of the extra features on the new region 1 edition of the Back To The Future trilogy have been confirmed, but it now has a release date of 17th of December. Rumours claim that the region one DVD will include multiple commentaries for all three movies, whilst other releases may only include commentaries for the first film.

Brotherhood Of The Wolf now has a date set in the States of 1st of October. It will include very little in the way of extra features: deleted scenes, production notes, trailers, and some filmographies. Word has it that the Canadian version will have much more added material.

A young, streamline John Travolta may be a thing of the past, but Paramount have announced Grease, set to hit retailers shelves September 17th. Look out for further details of the tentatively touted ‘up-coming Collector’s Edition’.

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