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Central Park Media has announced the Region 1 DVD release of the Korean animated film, Doggy Poo, for 23rd March 2004. This 34-minute film tells the story of a little doggy poo that feels all alone in the world and longs for a good friend, then one day Poo meets a lovely dandelion sprout. Will she help him make his dream come true?

As bizarre as it may sound this film has been honoured with a number of awards and will arrive on R1 DVD in two flavours. Both offer the same DVD, with the standard edition retailing at $19.99, while a Collector’s Series Edition with Limited Edition Soundtrack CD retails at the slightly higher price of $24.99. Features on the DVD are:

  • The Making of Doggy Poo (Korean Documentary)
  • Alternate Angle Color Storyboards for Entire Program
  • Original Korean Doggy Poo Trailer
  • U.S. Doggy Poo Trailer
  • Music Video
  • Photo Gallery
  • Set Gallery
  • Behind the Scenes Gallery
  • Previews
  • English & Korean with English Subtitles

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