Kings trailer: Halle Berry and Daniel Craig live through the L.A. riots

Two neighbours unexpectedly come together during a family crisis

Last year marked 25 years since the L.A. riots and films like Gook and a host of documentaries such as LA 92 and Spike Lee’s Rodney King took the opportunity to look back at what led up to the disturbance and the parallels that still exist within society today. The trailer for Kings, a new film also set during the L.A. riots, has been released for you to check out above.

Millie (Berry) is a hard-working single mum with a soft spot for strays. When when we first meet her, she already has eight children living in her house and will soon bring home another. Her neighbour Obie (Craig) is the local loose cannon, and the only white man in an area largely inhabited by African Americans, Latinos, and Koreans.

With racial tensions running dangerously high, Millie and Obie would appear to be unlikely allies. Yet following the acquittal of four of the officers accused of beating Rodney King, these two must navigate the gathering chaos in the city to bring Millie’s kids home safely.

Deniz Gamze Ergüven directs up her follow up to the wonderful Mustang, with a supporting cast featuring Issac Ryan Brown, Lamar Johnson and Rachel Hilson.

No news yet on a UK release date for Kings but it hits US theatres in late April.

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Steven Sheehan

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

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