Kim Ki-Duk's Bad Guy in July

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Kim Ki-Duk's Bad Guy for 26th July 2004 with a retail price of £19.99. A tough gangland leader experiences love at first sight when he encounters a young college student in a crowd, and with no concern for public conduct or her own desires, he forcefully kisses her in front of her boyfriend. Totally unapologetic, the man is beaten by police and left disgraced.

Desperate to see her again, the man decides to return to the same place, and because of her lack of money , she’s forced to commit an unfortunate crime, He devises an uncompromising, pre-planned punishment: She must work as a prostitute to pay the money back. He will watch her from his own hiding place within the brothel but as the weeks pass, it’s a situation that becomes an obsession for both of them.

Kim Ki-Duk has established himself of one of the most important contemporary Korean filmmakers. His most recent film, Spring Summer Autumn Winter…and Spring has received international acclaim. However, he has built his reputation with studies of extreme expressions of passion. BAD GUY offers a darkly disturbing perspective on obsessive love. The Isle, released later in the year, hooks viewers with its uncomfortable and unconventional tale of love.

DVD extras include: director’s commentary; ‘behind the scenes’ documentary, scene selection; and 4-page booklet by Jamie Russell
Presented on Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Digital 5.1

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