Kennedy and 15 Storey's High from Carlton

Carlton Visual Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Kennedy for 20th October 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. This critically acclaimed 1983 mini series starring Martin Sheen as JFK is a powerful drama documenting the lives, loves, triumphs, tragedies and myths of America's first family during John F. Kennedy's one thousand days as President of the United States.

The two-disc DVD has a run time of 7 hours, including 95 minutes of extras - documentary footage of the Kennedy Presidency courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, featuring some exclusive footage including - The Inaugural Address, One Week In October a 30 minute film produced for the Department of Defence chronicling the events taking place during The Cuban Missile Crisis, One Day In Berlin featuring excerpts from JFK's historic speech at the Berlin Wall and The Last Two Days - 20 minutes of President Kennedy's fatal last trip to Texas - includes the two cities he visited before Dallas and footage from a limousine behind the President in the Dallas motorcade.

Carlton Visual Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of 15 Storey's High - The Complete First Series for 20th October 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. Based on the hugely successful Radio 4 programme broadcast, 15 Storey's High has recently been showing on BBC 2 and BBC Three to critical acclaim.

15 Storey's High is about two very different blokes who find themselves sharing a flat in a tower block on a South London council estate. The flat's owner Vince (Sean Lock) takes in a new lodger - Errol (Benedict Wong) and it is not long before he realises he has made a dreadful mistake. It has been described as "the antidote to Friends".

Errol's only crime however is that he's a nice, considerate, thoroughly decent bloke. Vince however has spent too much time living on his own and is completely intolerant of anybody else! Errol is a real sweetheart and is very excited about his move to London and has a list of things he wants to do in London - Number 36 - Drink a cappuccino: Number 37 - Work with fish. Errol would do anything for anyone - but sadly in a place like London he is bound to be taken advantage of.

15 Storey's High also introduces us to some of the other tower block occupants - wife-swappers, bible bashers, lap dancers, men who shout at the television and even a bloke who keeps a horse in his spare room.

The DVD features all six episodes from the first series - The Sofa, Pool Kids, Blue Rat, The Model, Ice Queen and Dead Swan.

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