Kangaroo Jack from Warner

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Kangaroo Jack for 10th November 2003 with a retail price of £15.99. This action comedy will come on DVD with the following special features...

  • Casting Sessions: Uncut - Outrageous animal auditions
  • Gags and Outtakes: Sidesplitting cutting room floor goodies
  • Jackie Legs Dance Grooves: Learn how to do Jackie's cool marsupial moves
  • Behind the Gas: The sound mixer's job of finding the perfect sound for the flatulent camel
  • Marsupial Magic: How Jackie was transformed from Outback wannabe to screen sensation…in his own words
  • Two audio commentaries: One by Kangaroo Jack himself, the other by Jack's good buddies Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren, director David McNally, writers Steve Bing and Scott Rosenberg and visual effects supervisor Hoyt Yeatman

From the PR:

The chase is on when bumbling Brooklyn buddies Charlie (Jerry O'Connell) and Louis (Anthony Anderson) are forced to deliver $50,000 to Australia after crossing mob boss stepfather, Sal Maggio (Christopher Walken).

Their problems start when they dress a seemingly dead kangaroo in Louis' jacket containing the loot only for the creature to come alive and hop off into the Bush with the booty! The clumsy couple are forced to pursue the prankster 'roo through the Outback with boisterously entertaining consequences.

The DVD of Kangaroo Jack packs a punch with a pouch full of insane interactive features including side-splitting cutting room floor goodies in Gags and Outtakes and outrageous animal auditions in Casting Sessions: Uncut. Viewers are invited behind the scenes in Marsupial Magic where they can discover how Jackie Legs was transformed from Outback wannabe to screen sensation…in his own words.

Those who've ever wondered how the sound mixer finds the perfect flatulence noise can learn the science of creating the perfect fart in Behind the Gas and especially for fans filled with aspirations of being like our favourite hip hoppity prankster, there's Jackie Legs Dance Grooves, guaranteed to help the most uncoordinated mover set the dance floor on fire!

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