JT LeRoy Trailer: Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart wig out the literary world

Much has already been written about the JT Leroy 'scandal' and a well-respected documentary called Author: The JT LeRoy Story was also released in 2016. LeRoy was an 'avatar' for writer Laura Albert, who convinced her sister-in-law to act as her in public to deal with the press. JT Leroy tells that story in feature film form and how it was eventually exposed in 2005 by a New York magazine journalist. It's a weird story, but an entertaining one, and Stewart and Dern seem like a great pairing. Watch the trailer for JT Leroy above to get a first look.

Laura Albert writes tough, insightful fiction under a pseudonym, JT LeRoy. Her JT is not just a pen name but a whole persona, a teenage boy from West Virginia living a dangerous life as a truck stop sex worker. Laura was born in Brooklyn a generation earlier, and grew up in New York’s punk scene. Writing books such as ‘The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things’ as JT gives her complete freedom to explore the darker regions of the human experience.

Readers love it. The media loves it. They love it so much that they begin to demand JT in person. As journalists press for interviews with JT, turmoil mounts with Laura’s husband Geoffrey and sister-in-law Savannah. Partly from desperation, partly for kicks, they conspire to have Savannah don a wig and sunglasses, adjust her voice, and become the teenage boy author.

Justin Kelly directs, with the supporting cast starring Diane Kruger, Jim Sturgess, Courtney Love, Stella Maxwell and Kelvin Harrison Jr.

JT Leroy opens in UK cinemas on August 12th.

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