John Woo DVD Collection from IVL

IVL have announced the Hong Kong Region 3 DVD release of the John Woo DVD Collection: The Killer/ Bullet In The Head for 10th June 2004 with a retail price of HKD $148 (roughly £11). Working in conjunction with Fortune Star who also provide Fox with the elements for their R1 Hong Kong DVDs, this set continues their new range of "Digitally re-mastered Hong Kong Movie Classics" from IVL that will include the most representative Hong Kong movies from 70s to 90s all digitally restored and reborn with incredible AV quality.

From director John Woo comes the two films that fully established him in the west as a directing force to be reckoned with, featuring an all star line-up including Chow Yun-fat, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Jacky Cheung, and Danny Lee.

Both films have been fully re-mastered with enhanced video and audio quality. Dolby 5.1 and DTS surround sound bring the audience into a dynamic world with blazing guns and actions.

Features include:

  • Languages: Cantonese/ Mandarin/ Original Cantonese
  • Subtitles: Traditional and Simplified Chinese/ English
  • Codes Of Bullets: Encoding the secrets of guns and battle skills by comparison with action scenes in the movies
    • IV. Perfect Selection/ Deadly Sniper
    • V. Guns Mean Power/ Gone With The Wind
  • New and original movie trailers
  • Photo stills/ Photo slide show
If you intend to order this set then please be sure to support DVDTimes by purchasing through our Yesasia affiliate link (we'll update this once they begin taking orders).

Here is a look at the box set and individual armaray cases found within...

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