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Jodorowsky's The Dance of Reality set for U.S. premiere

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (El Topo, The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre) seventh feature film is set to premiere in the US on May 23rd. The Dance of Reality is an autobiographical film from the 85 year-old Chilean director, who blends pieces of his personal life with stylish metaphors, surrealism and poetry; essentially much like the rest of his work.

The Dance of Reality received a standing ovation when played at Cannes last year and has since drawn plenty of positive criticism. It’s set to tour other U.S. cities after it’s New York opening and we only hope that it hits UK shores soon.

Jodorowsky remains an amazing visionary, whose writings and plays have certainly kept him busy. However, his film career of over 45 years has been constantly beset by production and funding troubles. He’s always been a risk taker, making pictures that are true to his ideals, but those few features he has provide unforgettable experiences. He’s set to continue work on his El Topo sequel, which has been in production limbo for some time now. We hope that this exciting director has a lot more in store for us. For now, take a gander at the trailer for the beautiful looking The Dance of Reality, and if you’re new to his name then go check out his classics.

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