Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back R1 Details Emerge

Buena Vista have already confirmed that Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (which sees its UK Theatrical Release on November 30th) will hit R1 DVD on February 12th next year but up until now details have been sketchy barring a few hints that the films director, Kevin Smith, has dropped. Well just today he dropped some BIG hints regarding the forthcoming release in a post over at the official Viewaskew website...

"We've put our end of the "Jay and Silent Bob" DVD to bed. The commentary track (featuring only me, Mosier, and Mewes) was recorded on Tuesday, and the intros to all the cut stuff was shot down at the store on Wednesday. Since there's been some curiosity as to whether this is, indeed, the Special Edition, let me fill you in on the details.

It is, indeed, the Special Edition, and it's a two disc set, under the Dimension banner. We were offered the opportunity to shoot very involved, animated menu screens starring Jay and Silent Bob, but I declined, as I HATE animated menus. Initially, we were going to try to put the MTV Jay and Bob shorts on the discs, but we've opted to hold onto those for the next View Askew DVD (the Super, Duper Special Edition "Clerks" 10th Anniversary DVD). The Special Features on the "Jay and Silent Bob" DVD are as follows...

- Commentary Track (Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier and Jason Mewes)
- Over an hour of cut scenes, extended footage, and gag reels- Two "Behind the Scenes" featurettes
- The Music Videos
- The Comedy Central "Reel Comedy with Jay and Silent Bob" Special
- Trailers (theatrical and 'net versions, as well as TV spots)

You'll notice the absence of the Documentary that Jen and Malcolm were shooting. That's being held for the "Clerks" Special Edition, as it'll give us plenty of time to sift through the 80 plus hours of footage and interviews and come up with something great."

So there we have it, a 2-disc SE of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is on its way along with a new Special Edition of Clerks (10th Anniversary is 2004)...

Big thanks goes out to Alegol1983 on the DVDForums for alerting me to this information.

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