The first teaser for Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters is already here!

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood

Well we weren’t expecting to be sharing the new teaser already but here you go… It doesn’t show much, but we get hints of a proton pack and the money shot that is the rusty battered rear end of Ecto 1 – the hearse that doubled as the Ghostbusters’ car in the first two films…


News broke overnight that Jason Reitman has been signed up to develop and direct a new Ghostbusters film that will follow the story laid out in original series of films, ignoring the 2016 reboot. Reitman has confirmed the news on his Twitter.

This is disappointing news – while the 2016 reboot had a few problems, it was a brave new take on the series that featured brilliant performances from Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones. It also featured cameos from the many of the surviving members of the original cast.

The decision to return to the original chronology will be taken as a win by those in a particularly toxic fandom which is one of the many reasons we’re disappointed.

There is no news on whether any of the original cast will return – Bill Murray in particular has always been very much against a third outing as Venkman, and while Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson have always been more positive about resurrecting their characters there’s also the matter of Harold Ramis no longer being with us.

The signing of Reitman however is good news – he’s a great director having given us Tully and Juno which bode well for him delivering a good film. It’s just a shame we won’t get to see more of the characters we met in the reboot.

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

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