Japanese Action Cinema from Ventura in June

Ventura International have announced the UK DVD release of two Japanese action titles for 28th June 2005. Priced at £15.99 each are...

Never Give Up - Described as an epic of drama, mystery and action based on a novel by Seiichi Morimura and directed by Bullet Train, Golgo 13 and The Silk Road's Junya Sato.

Following a mass-murder in rural Japan, ex-special forces soldier Ajisawa (Ken Takakura, who starred with Michael Douglas in Ridley Scott's Black Rain) adopts the only survivor of the massacre, an amnesiac young girl. Intending to put the past behind them, the pair instead find themselves in conflict with the corrupt and powerful leaders of a small town. As the girls memories begin to reemerge, Ajisawa must call upon all of his killer instincts to ensure their survival.

Resurrection of Golden Wolf - Starring cult Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda (Black Rain) and Sonny Chiba, the martial arts star famed for his role in the Street Fighter movies.

Asakura (Matsuda), is a mild-mannered accountant by day and a ruthless killer and thief by night. He rips off millions in cash from a bank but finds that all the bills are marked. Looking for a way to launder the money Asakura begins a deadly game of seduction, blackmail, and murder. Also stars Sonny Chiba.

Each film is presented on DVD in Widescreen with Japanese Stereo audio and English subtitles. Specifics on the bonus features haven't been revealed, only saying there are 20 minutes of extras including Trailers.

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