IVL Re-mastered Hong Kong Movie Classics schedule

Following their release of the Bruce Lee Ultimate DVD Collection on 29th April 2004 IVL will continue their new range of "Digitally Re-mastered Hong Kong Movie Classics" with one box set collection release per month throughout 2004. Below we have the tentative schedule for you, with all titles expecting the same treatment as the Bruce Lee Collection meaning you can look forward to fully restored anamorphic widescreen transfers from high-definition masters along with newly remastered Dolby 5.1 and DTS 5.1 Surround audio...

May 2004: A Better Tomorrow Box Set

  • A Better Tomorrow
  • A Better Tomorrow 2
  • A Better Tomorrow 3
June 2004: John Woo Box Set
  • Bullet In The Head
  • The Killer
July 2004: Once Upon A Time In China Box Set
  • Once Upon A Time In China
  • Once Upon A Time In China II
  • Once Upon A Time In China III
  • The Master
August 2004: Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Box Set
  • City Hunter
  • My Lucky Stars
  • Heart Of The Dragon
  • Wheels On Meals
  • Winners And Sinners
September 2004: Police Story Box Set
  • Police Story
  • Police Story II
  • Police Story III
October 2004: Sammo Hung Box SetNovember 2004: Project A Box Set
  • Project A
  • Project A Part II
December 2004: Jackie Chan Box Set
  • The Young Master
  • Armour Of God
  • Dragon Lord
With the Fox R1 releases and now these encompassing practically the entire HKL range it seems that Hong Kong movie fans are going to have more high-quality DVD choice than ever before!

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