Is Mulder dead?

Once again the question on every X Files nut's lips is - 'Is Mulder Dead?'. Well now it's time to find out as Twentieth Century Fox announce the Region 2 DVD release of The X Files: Deadalive, the first feature length DVD title from the series.

Scully is pregnant, Mulder is presumed dead and new man Doggett is offered promotion out of the X Files. Yes folks, it's all happening in this 90 minute two-part episode. The disc features two episodes from season eight of the long-running series - 'This is not happening' and 'Deadalive' - combined into one feature-length episode.

The DVD will be released on 6 August retailing at £15.99 (just one pound more than the VHS release). We can expect a 4X3FF transfer according to the press release - this is pretty disappointing considering the series has been shot in widescreen for the last few years. Of course a 4:3 Full Frame transfer isn't possible and the VHS is correctly listed as Pan & Scan so I'm holding out hope that this is a mistake. Sound will be Dolby Digital 2.0.

We also get some extras including behind the scenes footage and interviews with members of the production crew along with insights into Robert Patrick's character, Agent Doggett, from Patrick himself, Mitch Pileggi and director Tony Wharmby.

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