Irresistible trailer: Jon Stewart directs Steve Carell and Rose Byrne in his new political satire

You wouldn’t expect anything else other than a politically-based comedy from Jon Stewart and that’s exactly what we get from his new film, Irresistible. It’s another of the bigger releases making their debut at Sundance this week and is set-up for the satirist to poke at both sides of the political spectrum in the US - especially with the election on the horizon later this year. The trailer for Irresistible has not long landed online and you can check it out above.

A Democratic political strategist works the campaign for a retired veteran’s bid for Mayor of a small right-wing Wisconsin town. After the Democratic National Committee's top strategist Gary sees a video of a retired Marine Colonel standing up for the rights of his town's undocumented workers, Gary believes he has found the key to winning back the Heartland. However, the Republican National Committee counters him by sending in his brilliant nemesis Faith and a local race quickly becomes a fight for the soul of America.

Stewart also wrote the script, with the cast led by Steve Carell, Rose Byrne and Chris Cooper, with Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, Mackenzie Davis, C.J. Wilson and Will Sasso in support.

Irresistible is set for a US release on May 29 with a UK date still unannounced.

Irresistible (2020)
Dir: Jon Stewart | Cast: Mackenzie Davis, Natasha Lyonne, Rose Byrne, Steve Carell | Writer: Jon Stewart

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