IP Man: Kung Fu Master trailer: The long-running film series delivers its latest entry

IP Man has come a long way in the past 12 years, with five big screen releases and two recent direct-to-VOD add ons. IP Man: Kung Fu Master is one of those VOD entries, which sees Yu-Hang To return to the role (he played the young version of the grandmaster in Ip Man: The Legend is Born). There's still clearly some legs in these films, especially in China, with 2019's IP Man 4 being the most successful to date, no doubt buoyed by the return of Donnie Yen to the role. There is also a Master Z: Ip Man Legacy sequel planned, so this is far from done yet. Watch the IP Man: Kung Fu Master trailer above.

The film harks back to Ip's early days before the Communist Revolution in 1949. Ip, portrayed by Dennis To for the third time as the martial artist who famously tutored Bruce Lee, was then a police captain who was framed for the murder of a ruthless but honorable mobster, and targeted for vengeance by his dangerous daughter. Forced to quit the force, Ip soon also has to contend with the arrival of the Japanese army in Guangzhou.

Liming Li directs, with the cast starring Dennis To, Yuan Li Ruoxin, Tong Xiaohu, Yue Dongfeng, Chang Qinyuan, Zhao Xioguang, Ren Yu and Michael Wong.

IP Man: Kung Fu Master is available in theatres and on demand in the US from December 11.

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