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Initial D: Driftracer in July

Contender Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Initial D: Driftracer for 17th July 2006 priced at £19.99. Based on the hugely popular Manga comic by Shuichi Shigeno, adapted by Felix Chong and directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak – together the filmmaking trio responsible for the phenomenally successful Infernal Affairs trilogy – Initial D: Driftracer was a massive success in Hong Kong.

The "D" in the title stands for ‘drifting', a motor racing technique of putting a car into a controlled slide around bends without losing any speed. It is a technique used to great effect by the Night Kids, an illegal street racing team who are keen to pit their skills against the mysterious "Akina Racing God", a driver who has unwittingly perfected the art of drifting around the notorious and deadly hairpin bends of Mount Akina.

Unknown to everybody, including himself, the mystery driver is actually a teenage student named Takumi (played by Taiwanese hearttrob Jay Chou), who uses drifting merely as an insanely high-speed method of returning home after delivering tofu for his father's takeaway business. Uninterested in racing, Takumi is more concerned in pursuing his relationship with a cute fellow student, Natsuki (Anne Suzuki). But when his identity as the racing god's is eventually revealed, Takumi is convinced by his father, himself a former racing driver, to take part in a series of perilous illegal downhill races. For Takumi the adrenaline and fame soon become irresistible as he accelerates towards a full-throttle three-way showdown against the best of the best.

Features include:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
  • Cantonese DD5.1 (Original Music Soundtrack)
  • Cantonese DD5.1 & DTS 5.1 (UK Music Soundtrack)
  • English subtitles
  • Audio commentary by Richie Warren (Fuel) and Dan Joyce (Dirty Sanchez)
  • Interview Gallery
  • Making-of documentary
  • Promotional Gallery
  • Fuelled Up - Area dedicated to Fuel, producers of the UK Soundtrack

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