Inhumanoids in June

Metrodome Distribution have announced the UK DVD release of Inhumanoids - The Complete Series for 6th June 2005 priced at £12.99. From Marvel/Claster, the creative team responsible for "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe", Inhumanoids is one of the great cult animated TV series of the 1980s. Now, the entire 13-episode series of Inhumanoids is being made available on DVD for the first time in the UK as a special two-disc collector's edition.

Long ago, the Inhumanoids (Metlar, Tendril and D'Compose) were defeated by the Mutores (Granites, Redwoods and Magnator), who imprisoned the Inhumanoids deep within the Earth's crust. After centuries of confinement the Inhumanoids are unwittingly set free by unsuspecting human excavators, unleashing their evil havoc. Now, an elite team of scientists known as Earth Corps, headed by noted geologist Herc Armstrong, must team up with the Mutores to confront the Inhumanoids and prevent their plan to destroy the planet.

Featuring 5 hours of action-packed animated adventure over two discs, Inhumanoids includes the 5 part movie ‘The Evil That Lies Within' on Disc 1 with the 8 remaining series episodes: Cypheroid; The Surma Plan; Cult Of Darkness; Negative Polarity; The Eye; Primal Passions; The Masterson Team; Auger For… President? on Disc 2.

Special Features include complete series scripts, US Hasbro toy packaging gallery and US Hasbro TV spot.

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