Impetigore trailer: A chilling Indonesian horror coming to Shudder in July

Impetigore (Perempuan Tanah Jahanam - which translates as Woman of the Cursed Land) made its debut outside of Indonesia at Sundance in January and picked up a lot of positive reviews. For obvious reasons its time on the festival circuit was cut short and Shudder stepped in at the start of May to pick up distribution rights for the UK, US and Canada setting up a late-July release. There will likely be an official trailer to come from Shudder over the next mont or so, but this one via CJ Entertainment shows real promise, setting up a tense and chilling atmosphere, making this one to look out for. Watch the Impetigore trailer above.

A terrible curse has blighted the lives of the inhabitants of Maya's home village. But the real threat lies in the hearts (and the enormous knives) of the villagers themselves, as she discovers when she returns to her ancestral home for the first time in 20 years to learn the truth about her birthright.

Joko Anwar writes and directs Tara Basro and Asmara Abigail star with Marissa Anita, Ario Bayu and Christine Hakim in support.

Impetigore arrives on Shudder in the UK and US from July 23.

Impetigore (2019)
Dir: Joko Anwar | Cast: Ario Bayu, Christine Hakim, Marissa Anita, Tara Basro | Writer: Joko Anwar

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