I'll Be There and Empire Records from Warner

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Charlotte Church in her acting debut with I'll Be There for 13th October 2003 with a retail price of £15.99. DVD features for this brit comedy are still tbc so we'll move swiftly on to the next announcement...

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Empire Records Remix! Special Fan Edition that will be available to buy exclusively through HMV from 20th October 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. Presented as an all-new digital transfer of an extended edit incorporating 16 minutes of never-before-seen footage, the DVD also includes 4 additional deleted scenes and 3 music videos. The full specs are...

  • 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • 16 minutes of never before seen footage
  • 4 Additional deleted scenes
  • 3 Music Videos
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Cast, director, writer biographies/filmographies

From the PR:

The director of Pump Up The Volume cranks it up another notch, with this comedy about an eventful day in the lives of the young slackers, doers and dreamers who work at a bustling store called Empire Records.

Cool, big brother type manager Joe (Anthony LaPaglia - Analyze That, Lantana) presides over a brood of teenage employees, all of whom have their own issues. A.J. (Johnny Wentworth) is trying to muster the courage to confess his love to the gorgeous Corey (Liv Tyler - Lord of the Rings), who has just been accepted to Harvard and wants to lose her virginity to swaggering, satin-shirted pop star Rex Manning (Maxwell Caulfield - The Real Blonde, Greece 2), who is visiting for an in-store album signing. Corey's best friend Gina (Renee Zellweger - Chicago) secretly resents Corey's glowing future and drowns her anxieties in promiscuity. Good-natured space cadet Mark (Ethan Embry - Freaky Links) dreams of guitar godhood, while rebellious Deb (Robin Tunney - The In-laws) contemplates her own mortality.

Meanwhile, unflappably philosophical Lucas (Rory Cochrane - CSI: Miami, Dazed & Confused) has just blown all the store's cash in Atlantic City and is confined to the staff room couch. Manager Joe was planning to use the money to offset a take over bid from a chain store, leading the mortified gang to think up a scheme to make back the money, and quick. Damn the Man! Save the Empire!

''This music is the glue of the world,'' one of Empire's clerks says. ''It holds it all together.'' Gin Blossoms, AC/DC, Dishwalla, Better Than Ezra, Dire Straits, Evan Dando, The Cranberries, Edwyn Collins and more hot alternative rock underscores virtually every scene. Even Zellweger takes to the roof for the finale 'Sugarhigh' with Coyote Shivers.

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