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I Am Bruce Lee in July

FremantleMedia Enterprises have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray release of I Am Bruce Lee on 23 July 2012. Featuring a host of rare footage and photographs alongside new interviews, this documentary examines the fascinating life, continuing influence and lasting legacy of one of the most iconic actors and martial artists of all time – the legendary Bruce Lee.

Highlights from the documentary and extras include clips from Bruce’s rarely seen appearance in the TV series “Here Come The Brides”, previously unreleased (and believed to be lost) colour footage of Bruce at Ed Parker’s Long Beach Karate Tournament, extensive footage of Bruce training and tutoring James Coburn in the backyard of his Los Angeles home (including Chi Sao training in Wing Chun that have never been seen before) and the first official release of Bruce in Seattle practising Chi Sao.

Extras include:

  • Backyard Training - Bruce Lee's personal films
  • Inspiration - Bruce Lee's Global Impact
  • Bruce Lee in Action
  • Theatrical Trailer

I Am Bruce Lee will also open in selected cinemas on 20 July 2012. The only one confirmed so far is the Prince Charles Cinema in London.


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