Human Nature trailer: Scientists find the key to unlocking human evolution

Since the early '00s humans have been splicing DNA strands to clone animals and a new documentary called Human Nature looks at the possibilities and implications this technology will have on the human race as we step nearer to using it on ourselves. As you'd expect there are two clear sides to the argument: those who believe science is there to be used to help our species no matter what, and others who think there are limits on how far these discoveries should be used. It looks like a documentary that will hopefully present both points of view fairly and you can see for yourself by watching the trailer for Human Nature above.

Human Nature is a provocative exploration of CRISPR’s far-reaching implications through the eyes of the scientists who discovered it, the families it’s affecting, and the bioengineers who are testing its limits. How will this new power change our relationship with nature? What will it mean for human evolution? Human Nature is a film which goes to the heart of the argument about the use of science to alter the human condition, raising profound ethical questions. CRISPR is already sparking a revolution in biotechnology and genetics. Scientists often compare it to the internet revolution in terms of its scope and importance, with CRISPR playing a role comparable to the personal computer or smartphone.

Human Nature is directed by Adam Bolt, co-writer of the Oscar-winning Inside Job, and arrives in select UK cinemas on December 6. You can find out where the film will be playing here.

Human Nature (2019)
Dir: Adam Bolt | Cast: Aliza Ben-Baruch, David Baltimore, Jill Banfield, Rodolphe Barrangou | Writers: Adam Bolt, Regina Sobel

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