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Hong Kong Phooey Volume 1 in August

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Hong Kong Phooey Volume 1 on 13th August 2007 priced at £12.99. A true cartoon classic created by animation legends Hanna-Barbera, Hong Kong Phooey works undercover as a mild-mannered police station janitor named Penrod "Penry" Pooch alongside Sarge and Rosemary at the local police station.

Whenever Penry overhears a crime being committed, he jumps into action, becoming the powerful pooch the girls love to smooch by leaping into the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet and emerging from the top draw in a bright red karate outfit as Hong Kong Phooey!

Volume 1 includes 16 episodes (approx 2hrs 45mins).

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