Hong Kong Legends Release Schedule changes

The team at Hong Kong Legends issued a statement late last week that outlines their plans up to November of this year and while fans will be disappointed to hear there will only be one HKL release a month between July and October (due to the pressures of the restoration work involved), the team here at DVDTimes believe the quality of the discs will make up for any delays to your favourite titles (and ours!).

The schedule from July to November is as follows...

July 22nd - The Prodigal Son
August - Avenging Fist Platinum Edition
September - My Lucky Stars
October - The Killer Platinum Edition and The Story of Ricky Oh
November - Way of the Dragon Platinum Edition

We are finally seeing the first release from Hong Kong Legends deal with Golden Princess (details here) in the form of John Woos' The Killer Platinum Edition while everyone is no doubt both baffled and intrigued as to what the re-release of Bruce Lees' Way of the Dragon in Platinum Edition format will hold in store for us.

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