Hong Kong Legends present 'Fight Night'

Hong Kong Legends are to host their own 'Fight Night' in London on 23 May. It's an extremely rare opportunity to see HKL restored films on the big screen.

As listed on the PR companies website the films are as follows:

8.00pm - Jackie Chan's "Project A" (Cert 12)
The third double disc Platinum Edition DVD from Hong Kong Legends will be the 24th June release PROJECT A. This will be the first opportunity for fans to see the fully restored version of one of Jackie Chan's most famous films.

10.00pm (approx) - Ninja in the Dragon's Den (Cert 18)
A major Asian box-office smash-hit from the acclaimed Producer of 'Snake in the Eagle's Shadow' and 'Drunken Master', this is an epic action adventure shot in Japan by World famed action-director Corey Yuen-kwai (Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, Kiss of the Dragon) starring Martial Arts sensations Henry Sanada and Conan Lee.

'Fight Night' is a ticket only event. Members of the public should apply for tickets via the Hong Kong Legends web-site - click on 'Latest News' section. There's also the chance to enter a ticket lottery. Tickets will not be available on the night.

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