Hong Kong Legends go Platinum with Jackie Chan

In today’s latest news update on the official Hong Kong Legends website DVD Producer Brian White confirmed a long time rumour with the following news...

I have just begun sourcing and compiling materials for the forthcoming Platinum Editions for Seasonal Classics 'Snake in the Eagle's Shadow' and 'Drunken Master'

The two disc editions will showcase brand new video and audio transfers to accommodate the original 2:35:1 aspect ratios and Cantonese Soundtracks.

There will also be brand new animated menus, cast interviews, feature-length audio commentaries, and retrospective documentaries.

I can't wait!!

I am also currently working on another Platinum Jackie title to be released this year. I think you'll like it! Details coming soon!!

The timing is perfect, allowing all us Hong Kong Movie aficionados to decide whether or not to cancel any plans we had to replace the previous HKL releases with the forthcoming R1 discs from Columbia Tristar and to begin saving safe in the knowledge that HKL will surely deliver the best possible DVDs for these two outstanding classics.

But what of a Jackie Chan Platinum title later this year? It cannot be Police Story 2 as that is due for release later this month, so will it be Project A, Project A Part 2, The Young Master??? Will the speculation ever stop!

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