Hong Kong Films on Region 1 DVD

Here we have some good and bad news for fans of Hong Kong Cinema from the land of Region 1 DVD. Kicking off with the good news Columbia Tristar have announced the September 17th release of two Jackie Chan classics Shaolin Wooden Men and Spiritual Kung Fu, both of which should continue their recent trend of Anamorphic Widesreen, Original Language, and of course dodgy front cover artwork!

Moving on to the bad news then the forthcoming September 3rd Buena Vista releases of John Woo's The Killer and Hard Boiled will be the R rated cuts, and not the previously (and currently) available Criterion/Winstar Unrated Director approved edits. Quite what will happen to the recently announced November 19th release of Heroic Trio is anyone’s guess, but we urge you to sign the following petition if you have not already done so as something needs to be done about this.

Sources: DVDFile.com and DavisDVD

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