Hong Kong Classics bring you The Group in June

Hong Kong Classics have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Group for 14th June 2004 with a retail price of £15.99. Written, directed and starring Alfred Cheung (Manhattan Midnight; The Medallion), the film also stars Almen Wong (Naked Weapon; Her Name Is Cat), Sing Ngai (The Matrix Reloaded; The Matrix Revolutions), Anthony Wong (The Medallion; Infernal Affairs), Ken Lo (Gen-X Cops; Rush Hour), Christine Ng (Rush Hour), Francis Ng (Gen-X Cops) and Ken Wong (Sharp Guns).

Having grown up together in an orphanage run by the benevolent Father Martin, six friends – a Hong Kong film director (Alfred Cheung), a psychologist (Miriam Yeung), an electronics expert (Francis Ng), a surgeon (Ken Wong), a lawyer (Christine Ng) and a self-defence instructor (Almen Wong) – have vowed to get together once a year to use their professional skills for the good of others, even if it means breaking the law. When they unexpectedly receive the shocking news that their mentor has been killed while on a relief mission in Somalia, they plot an audacious heist in which they intend to steal the takings from a Hong Kong casino. The plan is to donate the stolen money to Father Martin's charity to aid starving children in Africa. But complications arise for The Group when another gang holds up the truck containing the money. Things get worse when one of their number stumbles across a drug-dealing scam and is force-fed a lethal dose of heroin in an attempt to keep her quiet. Eventually, The Group find themselves up against both the Triads and a corrupt police force in a desperate bid to get the money back and to exact revenge

An action-packed thriller, The Group reveals unexpected surprises as the plot thickens and the explosive gunplay unfolds, finishing with a blistering shootout and a bone-crunching, hand-to-hand showdown between Almen Wong and a brutal and corrupt, misogynist cop.

Special Features include widescreen presentation, original version with digitally remastered English subtitles, theatrical trailer, Dolby Digital sound, scene selection and fully interactive moving menus.

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