Hollywood Legends Collections from Fox in June

Fox Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of three Hollywood Legends box-sets for 6th June 2005. Priced at £34.99 each are...

The Cary Grant Collection
The world remembers Cary Grant as the man who stole the hearts of audiences and leading ladies alike. With his dashing looks and suave sophistication, Grant became one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors in the golden era of the movies. In 1970 he received a special Academy Award® in recognition of his extraordinary career in film. The Cary Grant Collection includes several of his key performances including An Affair to Remember which was nominated for four Academy Awards®. Based on the 1939 film Love Story, Cary Grant is the unruly playboy Nickie Ferrante, who meets sensational nightclub singer Terry McKay (DeborahKerr) aboard a cruise ship. Both are engaged to other people, but the pair quickly form a friendship, which unexpectedly flourishes into romance with tragic consequences. Kiss Them For Me: The story follows three decorated Navy pilots on a mission to have fun! Cmdr. Andy Crewson (Grant), Lt. McCann (Ray Walston) and Lt. Walter Wallace (Werner Klemperer) are on a morale building "holiday" in San Francisco. When the three men check into a posh hotel their assignment is to fill the room with as many party people as possible. People Will Talk: Romantic comedy following Dr. Praetorius (Grant), a non-traditional doctor, loved by his patients and medical students. However, he then becomes the victim of a witch-hunt at the hands of Professor Elwell (Hume Cronyn) who disagrees with Dr. Praetorius’ unorthodox medical views. Born to Be Bad: Grant stars opposite Loretta Young, who plays Letty Strong, a single teenage mother from the wrong side of the tracks. Letty and her son, Mickey (Jackie Kelk), are often on the run from the truant officers. One day a scam goes to far and Mickey is taken away to live with Malcolm and Alice Trevor (Cary Grant and Marion Burns). Letty will try everything to get her son back, leading to a compromising position for Malcolm.

The John Wayne Collection
Easily the most popular and famous cowboy of all time! The archetypal hero of the classic western, John Wayne got his big break in the movies when he was signed to Twentieth Century Fox on the three film deal featured in this collection. His career spanned nearly 50 years and he starred in nearly 250 films; this collection of his finest films celebrates his huge success. The Big Trail: Set in the mid-west, the film follows a journey on the wagon trail. Breck (Wayne) is a wagon train scout who is leading a group of pioneers across the frontier, a hazardous trail filled with danger and destruction. The Comancheros: On his way to deliver a gambler into custody, Texas ranger Captain Jack Cutter (Wayne) is forced to restore order in the West, tackling gun-racketeers, Indians and their allies The Comancheros, with only his prisoner (Stuart Whitman) to help him. The Undefeated: Set in post Civil War America, the story follows two men who fought on different sides. Colonel John Henry Thomas (Wayne) and Colonel James Langdon (Rock Hudson) struggle to come to terms with post Civil War rivalries yet join forces against Mexican revolutionaries. North to Alaska: The story follows George (Stewart Granger) and Sam (John Wayne) on their adventure to strike gold in Alaska. When Sam is sent to retrieve George’s fiancée, he discovers she has married someone else - and decides the attractive local prostitute will do just fine as a substitute.

The Gregory Peck Collection
Gregory Peck is best known for his outstanding performances and portraying characters with integrity, decorum and strength. With his handsome looks he played opposite some of Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses including Joan Collins. Academy® winner A Gentleman’s Agreement tells the dramatic story of racial prejudice. Set just after World War II, Philip Schuyler Green (Peck) is a journalist who has the assignment of writing an article on anti-Semitism. Searching for the perfect angle he poses as a Jew, and soon discovers he is the victim of religious intolerance. Twelve O’Clock High: Set in World War II, the film tells the story of daylight bombing activities over Europe in 1942. When morale of the 918th Bomber Group of the U.S. Air Force hits rock bottom, General Frank Savage is sent to show the men how to take pride in their unit, and serve above and beyond the standards of the Air Force Corps. The Bravados: Jim Douglas (Peck) is on a revenge mission to track down four men he believes raped and murdered his wife. As he pursues them through Mexico he begins to realise that he has lost not just his wife, but also something of himself. The Gunfighter: Jimmy Ringo is the fastest gunslinger in the West. However, tired of always being recognised and challenged for a shoot out, he wants to retire. When he rides into town to see his sweetheart and the son he has never seen, the townsfolk and some angry cowboys want to see just how fast Ringo really is.

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