Hitchcock Collection

Universal have announced the DVD release of their second Hitchcock Collection on 24 September. All of the discs below are available separately, or also in a boxset with a bonus copy of Vertigo.

Torn Curtain
Hitchcocks favourite theme of the common man innocently caught up in circumstances beyond his control is brilliantly exploited in this cold war thriller. Paul Newman plays world-famous scientist Michael Armstrong, who is collecting an award at a convention in Copenhagen with his fiancée Sarah Sherman played by Julie Andrews. She intercepts a letter to him and discovers the real plot and is drawn into a life of intrigue and espionage. Features:4:3, Non-Anamorphic, Mono, documentary, scenes scored by Bernard Hermann, art gallery, trailer

Based on the novel of the same name by Leon Uris which in turn was based on the true story of the Cuban missile crisis, Topaz stars John Forsythe as the CIA agent who learns of Russian missiles in Cuba from a defecting Russian. He enlists the help of French agent Devereaux (Frederick Stafford) and they dangerously work their way through corrupt governments, muderers, spies and defectors. Features: 4:3, Non-Anamorphic, Mono, trailer, documentary, alternative endings (duel / airport / suicide), storyboards, production photographs.

In yet again classic Hitchcock style an innocent man is accused of being the 'necktie murderer', a vicious sex criminal terrorising London. Richard Blaney, played by Jon Finch, decides to elude the authorities and discover the identity of the murderer himself in order to clear his name. Features: 16:9, Mono, documentary, art gallery, trailer

Family Plot
Madam Blanche (Barbara Harris) and her taxi driver boyfriend (Bruce Dern) make a living from her profession as a fake medium. An ageing widow offers them $10,000 to find her dead nephew. As they begin their investigations their paths cross with another couple responsible for a series of kidnappings, a dodgy jewel merchant and the mysterious woman in black! Features: 16:9, Mono, documentary, storyboards, art gallery, two trailers

The Birds
Often referred to as Hitchcock's finest film. Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor and Jessica Tandy take second place to the thousands of birds that reign terror on the residents of Bodega Bay in a fascinating an thrilling film that plays on its audiences fear of birds on a mission! Features 4:3, Mono, documentary, deleted scenes, original ending, Tippi Hedren screen tests, news reel, photo gallery, trailer

Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery star in this excellent thriller. Marnie (Hedren) is an ice-cold and calculating thief who gains the confidence of her employers, robs them blind and then changes her identity. Connery plays the boss of a publishing company where Marnie takes up her latest post. He recognises her by rather than turn her into the authorities, he decides to watch over her himself. Features: 4:3, Mono, documentary, photo gallery, trailer.

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