Herb Alpert Is... trailer: A new documentary telling the story behind A&M Records

Herb Alpert may not be a name that resonates with many beyond a certain age, but having sold over 70 million records, he remains one of the 20th centuries most successful artists. Herb Alpert Is... is a new documentary that looks back on his career and the formation of A&M Records - a label that was lauded for the creative freedom it gave to artists, which included the likes of Sting, Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, The Carpenters, Sheryl Crow, Soundgarden and countless others. This will be available to watch on social media channels from the end of the next week, so anyone with an interest in music history should give this a go. Watch the trailer for Herb Alpert Is... above.

This is a documentary about the life of the musician, A&M Records co-founder and latter-day philanthropist, painter and sculptor, Herb Alpert. The film, being distributed by speciality house Abramorama, features rare footage from Alpert's remarkable life as told from the perspective of colleagues like Sting, Questlove, Quincy Jones, Richard Carpenter, Bill Moyers and others.

Herb Alpert Is... will premiere on Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitter on October 1 at 8pm ET, before expanding onto other digital platforms from October 2.

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