Heimat Series Two in May

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Heimat Series Two for 23rd May 2005 priced at £99.99. Heimat was initially shown on BBC2 in the 1980s and has built up a critical acclaim worldwide. It was also listed as one of the cultural highlights of 40 years on BBC 2. The original 11-part drama follows the fortunes of a family and their small community from the end of World War One to the early ‘80s .

The second series, subtitled ‘Chronicle of a Generation’ runs over 25 hours, and focuses on the exploits of the young Hermann during the 1960s as he leaves village life for Munich and focuses on the student revolts of the times. As with its predecessor, this second series will be released in a specially designed, highly collectable box-set.

The press release also features information on the success of the first season...

Tartan has now acquired the rights to Series Two of the Edgar Reitz’s hugely acclaimed TV series, HEIMAT. Tartan’s release of Heimat Series One has become a best seller and the anticipated initial sale of 5,000 copies has already been sold out barely a month after release. With demand showing no signs of waning, a second batch of the original, and highly collectable bespoke box set has now been manufactured.

Alan Partington, Tartan Video’s Managing Director, says, “Sales for Heimat Series One have been spectacular and far exceeded our expectations. Critics gave it enthusiastic reviews which have been reflected in sales. It remains a quality programme that has not lost any of its power and we were determined to make it a quality product too.

“It is cinematic milestone that stands alongside Tartan’s many other timeless classics such as Bergman and Ozu. We are determined that, with specially targeted press and marketing campaigns, Heimat 2: Chronicle of a Generation will find similar success and critical praise”

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