Heimat in October

Tartan Video have announced the UK Region 0 DVD release of Heimat: Series One for 25th October 2004 with a retail price of £99.99. First screened in 1984, Heimat is Edgar Reitz's epic tale of family life in a small German village which spans across the generations from the end of the First World War.

Over eleven episodes and running a total of 924 minutes, the first series covered the years 1919-1982. Its sumptuous photography and large cast of characters, combining history and superior soap opera, made it an international sensation whilst causing much soul-searching in his homeland, which is the loose translation of 'Heimat'.

When it was first shown on the BBC 2, it received over one million viewers, unprecedented for a foreign drama, and has since been regarded as one of the great milestones in TV history, recently mentioned as one of the drama highlights of BBC 2's 40th birthday celebrations alongside I Claudius and This Life, as one of the station's drama highlights. A second, equally popular series followed in 1994, and Edgar Reitz has just completed the much-anticipated third series which follows events since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Tartan Video is presenting this collection of six discs in a Deluxe Collector's Edition (with specially designed replica hardback book binding) with extensive background notes to the series as well as the historical context itself written by film historian David Parkinson.

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