Overblown pop starlets, Hear'Say are set for DVD exposure thanks to Granada on 3 September. Popstars Extra goes back to where it all began - a Granada made TV show which saw three judges whittle down thousands of applicants to the band we all know and (enter your opinion here).

The 90 minute DVD release features interviews with each 'band' member and their 'music' as it charts their progress from their first auditions all the way to their selection and then on to their conquering of the UK music charts.

This is what the press release has to say:

Recalling their experiences and emotions throughout the selection process, the band divulge how they really felt about their performances, the film cameras, the panel of judges, the Green Mile, Darius, rejection and the overall stress and nerves they encountered'
I can sense you excitement in anticipation for this release!

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