Hanover Street R1

Now, hands up all of you who have seen this little camp classic ? Not many of you then... still never mind, because you now have the perfect chance to fill this particular gap in your cinematic education. Peter Hyams' hysterical Hanover Street is coming to DVD on the 31st July from those nice chaps at Columbia Tri-Star. It's a load of war time nonsense with Christopher Plummer, Lesley Anne Down and a very depressed Harrison Ford in a romantic triangle/special mission type of situation. The script may possibly be the most embarrassing ever put on film and makes this a must-have DVD for fans of bad movies. In addition to an anamorphic widescreen transfer and soundtracks in Dolby Digital 4.0 and 2.0, we get an audio commentary from the director, the sometimes reliable Peter Hyams who recently inflicted End Of Days upon us. There's a trailer too, so what more could you want ? So, get those VISA cards ready, because it can be yours for a measly $19.95.

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