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This October, Halloween horror takes hold early when Warner Home Video unveil a collection of 14 classic HAMMER HORROR titles on 11 October priced £7.99 RRP each or two for £15. Featuring the undisputed kings of terror - Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee these dread inspiring classics are an absolute must-have for any self-acclaimed horror fan.

The fright-filled line-up includes many classics previously only available as part of the Hammer Horror Resurrected boxset, including Quatermass and the Pit, The Devil Rides Out, Rasputin The Mad Monk, The Vengeance of She, Plague of the Zombies and To The Devil A Daughter.

The Curse of Frankenstein marks the first-ever foray into horror for the infamous Hammer studios in which the obsessed professor is drawn deeper into madness by his dark work, with the aim of creating a superior being. Committing unimaginable horrors to complete the experiment, Frankenstein has to face the consequences of playing god when the monster awakes...Frankenstein Created Woman delivers a hefty dose of monstrous malady and The Horror of Frankenstein sees the son (Ralph Bates) of the obsessed scientist continue in his father's footsteps.

If it's vampires that leave you wide eyed and trembling you're in for a treat with the release of Lust for a Vampire, Horror of Dracula and Scars of Dracula in which two innocent victims discover the blood drained corpse of a missing friend in Dracula's castle, Necropolis. Christopher Lee, the definitive Count Dracula to British film fans, portrays both the creature's essential power and evil and his sexual and magnetic appeal, in a script that stems directly from the original Bram Stoker novel.

And for the ultimate tales from the crypt - The Mummy starring Hammer movie legends Cushing and Lee at their finest and its sequel Blood From the Mummy's Tomb.

1959's The Mummy, played by Christopher Lee centres on an archaeological expedition, with Peter Cushing discovering the 4000-year-old tomb of an Egyptian Princess and of course ignoring warnings that "He who robs the graves of Egypt dies". The Mummy, transported to England is revived using a 'Scroll of Life'.

While in Blood from the Mummy's Tomb Andrew Keir discovers the tomb of the once beautiful Tera Queen of Darkness (Valerie Leon), murdered by Egyptian priests, and who has mysterious powers from beyond the grave…

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